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Review & Giveaway: Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman, MD

About SUPER IMMUNITY by Joel Fuhrman, MD:
Why do some of us get sick with greater frequency than others?What makes us more susceptible to illness? Are we doomed to get sick when our coworkers and family members do?Is there a secret to staying healthy? 
Joel Fuhrman, M.D., a leading expert and board-certified medical specialist in prevention and reversing disease, offers a comprehensive guide to superior health. 
Based on the latest scientific research, Super Immunity shows us how we can become almost totally resistant to colds, influenza, and other infections. 
The evidence is overwhelming: we can supercharge our immune system to protect our bodies against disease—everything from the common cold to cancer. Nutritional science has made phenomenal strides and discoveries in recent years, and when this new research is applied it enables us to seize control of our health like never before. Dr. Fuhrman explains this new science, providing everything you need to know to put this knowledge into action in your kitchen and in your life. 
What we eat has everything to do with our health, and, unfortunately, too many of us are living with a severely depleted immune function. Our dietary choices are making us sicker, shortening our lives, and costing us billions of dollars in doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications. But Dr. Fuhrman doesn’t believe more medical care is the answer. Rather, he explains the solution is to change the way we eat. The standard American diet is nutrient deficient. We are eating too many highly processed foods, foods with added sweeteners, and animal fats and protein. At the same time, we are not eating enough fruits, beans, seeds, and vegetables, which leaves us lacking in hundreds of the most important immune-building compounds. By changing our diets and combining foods that contain powerful immune-strengthening capabilities, we can prevent most common modern diseases.

Super Immunity is not a diet book but a nutritional guide with the intent to boost your immune system which will result in living longer, being stronger and reducing risk of disease. Our society, especially the American society has a diet high in processed foods full of chemicals and ingredients. They are cheaper and convenient, but they deprive our bodies of the nutrients of whole foods from fresh vegetables and fruits. This in turn, effects the way our bodies function and makes us more prone to illness. Many of us are aware of this and are on the search to find a healthier way of eating. 

I was intrigued with the premise of this book and the link to diet and nutrition and its effect on our immune system and ability to fight off colds, flu as well as cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disorders. Dr Fuhrman promotes a nutritarian diet which is a diet rich in micro nutrients. It is a defined as a diet rich in natural plant food which boosts the immune system, naturally lowers weight and fends off illness. Dr Fuhrman supports his claims with significant research and personal stories from patients of his that have benefited from this approach. The nutritarian diet is similar to the vegetarian diet with protein mainly coming from beans/legumes, nuts and seeds. 

The 5 Daily Rules for Super Immunity:

1) Eat one large green salad every day (preferably two)

2) Eat at least a half-cup serving of beans/legumes in soup, salad or a dish once daily

3) Eat at least 3 fresh fruits a day, especially berries, pomegranate, cherries, plums. oranges

4) Eat at least one ounce raw nuts and seeds daily

5) Eat at least one large (double-size) serving of steamed green vegetables daily

Dr Fuhrman includes information on the risk/benefit of the flu shot and how it relates to medical care in general. I found this section to be very informative as he brings to light the important concerns about the risk/benefits and informs the consumer about what is in the flu shot and the concerns related to safety and health concerns. There is a large section in the back of the book dedicated to menus and recipes to go along with this nutritional approach. For me and my family, some of the nutritional changes can be implemented with increasing fruits and vegetables. The approach of encouraging protein sources in the diet from beans/legumes and nuts will not work for my family as our son has life threatening allergies to nuts and legumes and some beans are in the same food family as peanuts which are a risk for our son to eat. This is a nutritional approach that may be healthy for some although those with food allergies need to be aware that this approach may not be safe for them to implement. 

There is a wealth of research to support Dr. Fuhrmans claims that he cites in the book. This is what is different from many health and nutrition books and allows the reader to research further if they so choose. With that said, I did find the scientific benefits helpful to understand his claims although at times it was too much scientific information to hold my interest. I have a medical background and am concerned that this technical approach at times may turn away the novice reader. I have not read Dr Fuhrman's other books to compare them and they may be written in the same style. Dr Fuhrman has written a thorough and well researched book that supports the connection between nutrition and our immune system and its ability to fight off colds and flu as well as other illnesses. 

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  1. This sounds like an informative book I could definitely use!


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  3. I'm always on the lookout for ways to eat healthier (even though I do have a hard time parting with some of my favorite unhealthy foods). :) My biggest struggle is to include more fruits. I have tried to add in fruit smoothies, but even then I know I don't eat fruit as often as I should.

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  5. This book sounds very insightful. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I'm a follower. HoffmanLiterary [at] insightbb [dot] com

  6. Implementing dietary changes is certainly a challenge for families with food-allergic children - I speak from experience! :)

    I'm glad you found other aspects of the book to be valuable though. It sounds like this one is a great resource.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

  7. I'm terrible at eating salads! I like them, I just...don't eat them. I'm interesting in diets like this because I try to eat as much natural, homemade food as I can (as opposed to processed/store bought items). It sounds similar to the Paleo diet. I recently went without sugar for almost two weeks, and it occurred to me that despite knowing sugar isn't great for you, it's not something I want to permanent give up. Nutrition is an ever morphing goal for me.

    Thanks for being on the tour!

  8. This book would be a great addition to my library for healthier eating. Having Celiac Disease, I need to learn how to eat better to retain essential nutrients that my body cannot absorb naturally. Thank you for the review Bonnie! LaurieLee at BookTalk

  9. i could use this book...thanks for the chance to read it.

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  11. I do a lot of this right now but I need to add exercise to my daily lifestyle!

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  13. I'd love to read all the information in this book. Would be very helpful!


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