Sunday, September 29, 2013

Catching Up On A Sunday ~ September Update

I had high hopes of blogging more this summer while I had more free time. Life got in the way and blogging had to be put aside. Instead, my summer was focused on family crises and health issues. My mother in law had a heart attack and fortunately she got to the hospital in the last window of opportunity as it could have turned fatal. That was frightening to even think about and hard to write about. She was a bit stubborn and ignored the symptoms, as the pain moved around and she didn't realize how serious it was. She is 81 and in fairly good health, living independently with my father in law in their own home. She did have two blocked arteries and had stents put in. She then was in and out of the hospital due to blood clots in her legs. We were on pins and needles for weeks. It's one of those moments in time that made my husband and I realize how we are one of the few to have both of our parents still living at this stage of our lives. 

My son started his freshman year of high school last month. It's amazing how fast time flies. Everyone reminds you of this when your children are babies but when it comes to fruition it makes you stop and pause. He is active in the orchestra and plays the Bass. This year, will be more challenging as there are more concerts and a competition. He's already learning life lessons after his required >$100 graphing calculator (that is supposed to last through all 4 years of high school and college) was stolen or lost. I've heard from other parents that sadly, this is an issue that kids are stealing other kids calculators. The theory one parent shared is that either kids have lost their own calculator and are fearful of telling their parents so they steal another student's calculator or,  they are selling them. 

I have been reading although I am very behind in sharing reviews here on my blog. I plan to do that as I have several wonderful books to share with you. I'd like to get back to blogging and book reviews as well as visiting other blogs. I'm working on how to do that with the balance of life, family and work. How is everyone able to do that? Whether you are a blogger or not, how are you finding that balance for all that you need and want to do?! 

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