Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Snapshot ~ August 18

Gaggle of Geese at the Lake

There is a favorite park near where we live that has a beautiful lake and a two mile walking trail to walk around the lake. On a recent summer evening, my husband and I came across the path of this gaggle of geese. We saw a Blue Heron that night as well on the other side of the lake but we couldn't capture a photo of it hidden in the brush around the lake. It's a very relaxing place to walk, enjoy the beauty of nature and the lake. 

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  1. We have a lot of geese, and the mess that comes along with them, in our neighborhood. A pair nested here and we all enjoyed watching the goslings grow up.

  2. I'm careful whenever I encounter geese. They seem to always hiss at me!! we have a blue heron that lands in the pond across the road. He's an amazing looking bird!! Looks like a nice place to walk!!

  3. That does look like a wonderful place to walk. I must admit that I'm intimidated by geese after encountering one too many aggressive geese in the past.

  4. It does look such a lovely place to talk a walk, and lots of friendly geese too...

  5. I'm a walker and this would be a beautiful place to go. Lucky you!


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