Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mailbox Monday

~Mailbox Monday~  
is hosted by Staci at  Life in the Thumb during the month of July.
We share what books that we found in our mailboxes last week. 

Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week. (Library books don’t count, but eBooks & audiobooks do). Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists!

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia at The Printed Page, who graciously hosted it for a long, long time, before turning it into a touring meme (details here).

This is what I received in my mailbox, it was overflowing again this week. I'm almost embarrassed to share all my books. I had a streak of luck and won several giveaways which you can see below:

This was the most exciting item in my mailbox this week. We received a large box filled to the brim with vintage kids books. My son and I won this fabulous giveaway of Vintage Kids Books from the fabulous website Forgotten Bookmarks. If you haven't checked out this site, you must! It's one of my favorite sites to visit and my son and I love to see the fun and even weird things that they have found inside the rare and vintage books that they buy at their bookstore. As you can see in this picture, I have given these books to my son  and they are now filling up one shelf of his bookcase. He is 12 years old and loves old things, especially books and has a small collection of older vintage kids books. He likes to see the publication date of when the book was published and the personal inscriptions, often in fountain pen. M from Forgotten Bookmarks was so kind in sending extra books for my son who is a collector and added a nice collection of Hardy Boys books (which my son collects) and others. I'm not going to list all the titles but you can click on the picture and can see up close the titles. There are many wonderful titles from The Hardy Boys, Little Men by Lousia Alcott to Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and many more. 

I won this great giveaway of a ONE DAY prize pack from Booking Mama  which included an autographed copy of ONE DAY by David Nicholls (movie tie-in edition) a clear cosmetic case, necklace and Moleskin Journal.

Wildflower HillYou Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl: Observations on Life from the Shallow End of the PoolComing Up for Air

If Jack's in LoveA Secret Gift: How One Man's Kindness--and a Trove of Letters--Revealed the Hidden History of the Great DepressionHow to Bake a Perfect Life: A Novel

Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman  from  Touchstone/Simon and Schuster 

You don't Sweat Much for a fat girl by Celia Rivenbark from Wunderkind PR

Coming Up for Air by Patti Callahan Henry from Wunderkind PR

If Jack's In Love by Stephen Wetta  from Amy Einhorn Books/Penguin

A Secret Gift by Ted Gup from Paperbackswap

How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal  from Paperbackswap


  1. Oh yeah!! That's what I'm talking about...what great books!!!

  2. What a fabulous win with the vintage books! Will definitely be bookmarking that site to peruse with my son. He is my book hunting buddy and I also collect The Hardy Boys series for him. He's going to be 7 soon so not old enough to read them yet though. Enjoy all your fantastic new reads!

  3. Congrats on the One Day giveaway win! And wow on the books that came in this week! Happy reading!

  4. What a great haul! I think it's so cool that your son is that excited about books (especially old books)!

  5. That's what you call a fat mailbox. Enjoy them all.

  6. Great week! I tried so hard to get my kids interested in books but the older he gets, the smaller my son's book collection.

  7. What a treasure those vintage books are, and so many new ones as well --enjoy

  8. Great win! I have been wanting to read One Day.

  9. What a great week! I bet it felt like Christmas to your son! I enjoyed You Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl and am looking forward to If Jack's In Love.

  10. Hey Bonnie, would you pick a lottery number for me? Lol, what a great bunch of books to win. Your son must have been thrilled with the box of books. I'll have to check out that site. Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

  11. Those vintage books are fabulous! I think it is neat that your son is into vintage books. Your books look good as well. I see many titles there that I will be checking out. I hope both you and your son enjoy your treasures!

  12. What a great mailbox, enjoy!

  13. Fab wins, Bonnie! I hope your son enjoys those vintage books. I'm reading Coming Up For Air right now. AND I found out I'm getting the Celia Rivenbark book from Goodreads First Reads. I thought How to Bake a Perfect Life was a fun read. Enjoy all your new books!

  14. Great mailbox! I have One Day in my huge TBR pile and I have You Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl on my WL!

    Here's my Mailbox

  15. You weren't kidding - your mailbox was overflowing. Awesome box of books for The Boy! I bet he was just thrilled!

  16. You have had a streak of good luck!


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