Monday, December 13, 2010

Mailbox Monday-December 13

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in our mailboxes last week.

This is the second week that we've been hit with a winter storm and we're now in the midst of a blizzard that is moving across the midwest. Schools are closed and it's snowing, windy and temps are low. Thankfully, we can all stay home and not have to go anywhere. I plan to read, I'm currently reading The Map of True Places by Brunonia Barry and listening on audiobook to A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay. I finally figured out how to upload CD's and audiobooks to my ipod touch so I plan to listen to music and books while I knit.

Here are the books that arrived in my mailbox last week:

 Knit in Comfort: A NovelMurder Most Frothy (Coffeehouse Mysteries, No. 4)
Knit in Comfort by Isabel Sharp
Murder Most Frothy by Cleo Coyle 

I'm making this Beginner level Comfort Shawl, you can see the pattern at the Lion Brand website. I'm making it in a different color yarn than this picture, I chose Sierrra. I've only knitted scarves in the past but want to learn to do more so I'm progressing into bigger projects. I'd eventually like to knit a throw or afghan and my ultimate goal is to learn how to knit socks. Are you a knitter or crocheter and what are your favorite projects to work on?


  1. Your books look cozy...and so does the shawl!

    I think your mailbox is submerged...LOL.

    Here's my Monday:

    (click on my name)

  2. I received for review The Job by Craig Davis from the author.

    Joe B. enjoys the sweet life as a vice president at a huge conglomerate, Universal Whirligig. But along with the Big Boss' favor, he has also gained the notice of a bitter human resources manager, Luci Fernandez. Hateful of any success but her own, Luci manages to get him demoted to the mail room! A rollicking comedy of errors follows as Joe B. tries to figure out what's happened to him, and attempts to get a meeting with the Big Boss. Joe B.'s great expectations have taken a dickens of a twist. His family is forced to make a series of hard adjustments, and he gets only lame comforts from a string of the worst friends anyone could have. Will he finally track down the cause of his frustrations? Or will he only learn a lesson about what it is to be the boss, and that what is apparent is often only a shadow of a greater ongoing good? "The Job: Based on a True Story (I Mean, This is Bound to Have Happened Somewhere) is a modern parable of ancient troubles and truths.

  3. Good luck with that storm. It's a doozy! We're all digging out today. :)

    Maybe try a felted slipper pattern written like a sock pattern. Fuzzy Feet on are really easy and fun.

  4. Enjoy your new books. They're both new to me. The shawl looks very comfortable and warm. Good Luck!

  5. Both of your books looks great. I am a lousy knitter but I love to do it anyway. This shawl looks cute and would be nice to have when reading. I may have to give it a try.

  6. Sounds like perfect weather to snuggle up with a good book, Bonnie. Enjoy your new books and your knitting. I love the shawl (and went to the website to register!). It looks like something I might be able to do.
    I went to a yarn shop today and bought some yarn for a scarf (gift) and found out info for a class after the holidays. Hope you can dig out soon. We had the blizzard winds but close to Lake Michigan (in my area anyway) we had maybe 2 inches!! My sis lives in the twin cities and they had almost two feet!

  7. Murder Most Frothy is sure to be a winner for cozy fans. That's a good series - hope you'll enjoy it. I'm surprised you could even get to your mailbox. That shawl looks wonderful. Happy reading, knitting and listening.

  8. Our schools are closed today as well, ALTHOUGH my shoveling job was NOT as big as yours! Oh, my goodness! It's still traveling through, however, so no telling what tomorrow morning will look like!

    I like the look of your cozy mysteries this week; perfect for holiday reading!

    I knit, crochet, quilt, cross-stitch, embroider, heirloom embroider, sew .. anything to do with the needle arts. My favorite things to knit are impractical - lace shawls - but they're so beautiful. As far as afghans go, I prefer "take-along" afghan projects, where I do a square or a motif at a time, then join them together at the end; otherwise, the project looks SO much bigger and more intimidating! I've done the comfort shawl you show, and it promptly got snatched by my nephew's wife - I did it in an autumnal sort of homespun yarn, so it was done much more quickly than usual!

    Enjoy your books and stay out of that horrid weather!

  9. Our weather is just as good as yours. It's supposed to start snowing again tonight into the next few days. I've had enough already.

    I love knitting afghans and my goal one day is to knit a pair of socks. For now I can't even take out my knitting because Sam will likely eat the yarn.

    Stay warm and safe.

  10. Enjoy your new books! I love the shawl - it looks like it would keep you nice and warm.

  11. Your books look really good! enjoy.

    My mailbox is also up.
    I am having a giveaway on my blog as well - a gift card sponsored by CSN Stores. Please do enter

  12. We didn't have school today and tomorrow's classes have been canceled! We're under a blizzard warning too!!! I just wish the wind would quit blowing! Tell me how you figured out how to upload your cd's to your itouch. did they load as audiobooks???? Your books in the mail look great and I want to see pictures from your finished project!

  13. The knitting novel sounds good as does your shawl. I love to knit too. It's so relaxing. It's a perfect mix with audio books.

  14. That photo looks very familiar. Could have been taken at my house :)


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