Friday, June 19, 2009

Hungry For Change: Food, INC.

Description from Food, Inc website:

In Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government's regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA. Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment. We have bigger-breasted chickens, the perfect pork chop, insecticide-resistant soybean seeds, even tomatoes that won't go bad, but we also have new strains of E. coli—the harmful bacteria that causes illness for an estimated 73,000 Americans annually. We are riddled with widespread obesity, particularly among children, and an epidemic level of diabetes among adults.

Featuring interviews with such experts as Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), Michael Pollan (The Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto) along with forward thinking social entrepreneurs like Stonyfield's Gary Hirshberg and Polyface Farms' Joel Salatin, Food, Inc. reveals surprising—and often shocking truths—about what we eat, how it's produced, who we have become as a nation and where we are going from here.

You can see if this movie is playing in your area, here.

For more information, check out the Food, Inc Website, here.

There is even a reading list, here.

I recently heard about this movie/documentary from a friend and it sounds like a must see film. I have concerns about food and health especially as my 1o year old son has dealt with major food allergies (several life threatening )since he was a year old. I strongly believe that there is a link to our food and health and have been starting to read more about this. Some of the books that I have waiting to be read:

In Defense of Food: Michael Pollan

The Omnivore's Dilemna : Michael Pollan

Fast Food Nation: Eric Schlosser

The Unhealthy Truth: Robyn O'Brien

I've read: Animal, Vegetable Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver.

I've also seen the movie/documentary: Super Size Me .

What are your thoughts on the food and health connection? Is this a movie you would be interested in seeing? Are there any other books or movies/documentaries that you have seen or would recommend related to food and health?


  1. My coworker sent me the link this morning. Astoundingly eyeopening!

  2. We just watched Super-Size Me not that long ago. Shows like this are important. Scary, but important. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  3. Sounds interesting, and I've read several of the books you mentioned.

    I have an award for you:

  4. I think this documentary sounds like something we all really need to see. Just reading about it makes me want to go clean out my overgrown garden and plant some fresh food.

  5. I would definitely see this movie, though I'm sure a lot of it wouldn't be new to me. I've read most of the books you mentioned ; would also recommend Fast Food Nation, the book Super Size Me, the film King Corn. There is another film I'd like to see - The High Price of Sugar. Definitely read The Omnivore's Dilemma - it's fabulous.


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