Sunday, February 15, 2009

Review: Manifest Your Magnificance

"Manifest Your Magnificence is a unique set of 64 affirmation cards and an audio CD designed specifically to nurture a child's self-esteem. Beautifully illustrated, written and spoken, each affirmation carries a powerful message that connects children to their magnificence. This unique set of cards and CD encourages positive interactions between adults and children, creates communication about feelings, promotes values such as honesty, responsibility, and compassion, and imprints positive attitudes and beliefs in the subconscious through use of "I AM" statements."

I am a firm believer in the importance of building a childs self esteem. Children have so many challenges as they grow and develop and many need guidance to remind them that they are special and unique. Susan T Howson, the creator of Manifest Your Magnificence has described it perfectly when she states "sometimes things are said or done to us that make us forget about who we truly are and our self esteem suffers." Manifest Your Magnificence products and services are tools that can help remind children of their Magnificence.

When the Manifest Your Magnificance affirmation cards were offered to review through Family Review Network, I jumped at the chance to review them after I checked their website and read about these products. I have a 10 yeard old son who is at the age where he is dealing with challenges with friends. He's had some struggles and he was starting to feel badly about himself. We have used these colorful and bold cards with such positive affirmations to remind him that he is a very special boy.

We had the chance to sit down and open the box when it arrived. We were both impressed at the packaging as the affirmation cards are all housed in their very own box that is bright and colorful. You can keep them all together and then choose a card a day to focus on , discuss or even carry one with you as a visual reminder. The cards appear very durable and the drawings and sayings are just wonderful, very upbeat and positive. Children can use the cards to journal and write about, or they can even use them in a dramatic way through singing, dancing and acting. There are many options to use the cards.

Some of the cards look like this:

(Front of the card) .........................................(Back of the Card)

(Front of the card) ...........................................(Back of the Card)

There is also a CD version that you can listen to the same positive affirmations that are on the cards. You can listen to a sample tracks at the Magnificant Creations website HERE.

You can find more information about Manifest Your Magnificance cards and the CD at Magnificant Creations website.


  1. Looks like this could be a really cool thing to do with your children. I love the drawings on the cards...the journaling aspect of it could be really fun for the kid too!

  2. This sounds very interesting. What did your son think about them? Have you had a chance to put them into practice yet? I'd be interested to hear his thoughts on them.

    And I gave you an award here:

  3. This looks and sounds awesome! I am definitely going to keep my eye out for it!


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