Friday, August 22, 2008

Pokemon Collecting!

Pokemon Card Collecting

If you have a young child or family member you most likely have heard of Pokemon card collecting! My son is a HUGE fan of, card collecting and Books as well. He asked me to write about it on my blog because he loves Pokemon and wants everyone to know that. I asked him a few questions and here is our conversation:

How would you describe what Pokemon is?

Answer: Pokemon is about these little characters that don't really exist. They sometimes take names off of real animals like wailord from the whale. Also, in any video game you start off with a kid and then he goes to a patch of grass and hears someone screaming "help". Then you run up to him and he tells you to go into his sack and then you have a choice of picking three pokemon. Because, there is a pokemon chasing him and the three pokemon are always different in different games. Then, you have to battle the pokemon chasing him. After you beat the pokemon he brings you to his lab. Then, he says "Thanks for helping me" and the pokemon that you used is going to be yours and you can name the pokemon but it is better not to and keep the original name. The pokemon is used for battling and catching other pokemon and battling other peoples pokemon.

What is the difference between the games and the pokemon cards?

Answer: There is really no difference between the pokemon game and pokemon cards. On the cards, you can open up a pack of pokemon cards and get a really strong pokemon that you can't get on the game or it will take you a long time to get the pokemon. The cards are used for battling and trading that is why it is called Pokemon trading card game.
What is your favorite Pokemon?

Answer: My favorite pokemon are Palkia, Torterra, Blissey, Charizard, Magmortar, Blastoise, Regigigas because they are really strong.

Why do you like collecting Pokemon cards?
Answer: They're really cool, they're strong , they look awesome and some are worth a lot.

Do you like reading the Pokemon books and what are your favorites?

Answer: Yes, I really like to read the pokemon books. My favorite pokemon book is Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon (Pokemon Chapter Book #3) by Tracey West.


  1. Good to know info on Pokemon. Will store away for future use in case Lady K starts diggin' on it.

  2. Vickie,

    Thanks for your comment!! My son was thrilled to hear that someone commented!

    My son says: Thank you for commenting, hopefully she likes pokemon and collects the cards.

  3. I didn't know that Pokemon cards were still popular. I have a 21 year old and he was into this about 10 years ago. Hmmm - maybe I need to pull out his old cars.

  4. Bermuda,

    YES! Pokemon cards are still VERY popular! I think that with the Nintendo DS handheld Pokemon games and the Playstation etc...that has helped hold the interest. If your son still has any old Pokemon cards, they may be valuable to collectors and he can sell them! Even some of the old cars are collectables to adults!


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