Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Salon: Summer fun

This has been a busy week of summer for my family and myself. My son , who is 10, was in a local theater workshop called "It's Easy being Green". It was a series of musical skits that had a touch of an environmental focus and each child was able to participate in and act and sing. This was my son's second year participating in this workshop and he was very happy to have a small part and sang in several skits. It's amazing what can be accomplished in two short weeks, the staff was wonderful and the kids all had a wonderful time. Our camera is on the fritz and I was only able to take a few pictures and my son is not ready for me to put up his picture here on my blog.

Blog Updates:

I posted a few reviews this past week and I hope that you were able to read them. They were both Non-Fiction reviews which I didn't realize until I was looking back.
My husband Greg wrote a review of How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell (Audio book edition). "Success is a relative and individualized concept, but according to the author, John C. Maxwell, it has a lot to do with "bottom line" thinking."

I wrote a review of Flourishing with Food Allergies by A. Anderson . This is one of the most comprehensive books on food allergies that I have read to date. I highly recommend reading it if you have a child, family member or friends with food allergies.

Highlights of the week:

I was offered a chance to review a bookcase for CSN Office Furniture and chose a unique bookcase that will fit nicely in my bedroom. You can read my preview post here about Choosing a bookcase. I expect it to arrive this week and when I have it set up I will have my review posted with pictures. It's my anniversary next week so that will be nice if it arrives by then.

I was the second place winner at Park Avenue Princess as part of Amy's 100th post and Royal Giveaway. I won a beautiful Vintage Typewriter Bookmark from LIZZY BLEU who makes beautiful vintage typewriter jewelry. You should definitely check out this gorgeous and unique jewelry and Park Avenue Princess is going to have more contests with the chance to win gift certificates from LIZZY BLEU. Make sure to stop by and visit! Here's some pictures of my Vintage Typewriter Bookmark that I received in the mail this week. Thanks to Amy and Lizzie for a beautiful bookmark!

The bookmark came packaged in this wonderful fabric gift bag.

This was how the bookmark was wrapped inside the fabric bag.

This is the beautiful Vintage Typewriter Bookmark and it even has an S to coordinate with my last name.

I had a run of good luck as I was also a winner of Foreign Tongue: A Novel of Life and Love in Paris by Vanina Marsot along with a French-type lip gloss at Book Chatter and Other Stuff . Thanks Ti!

I am currently reading:

Ella Minnow Pea: A Novel in Letters by Mark Dunn (Book Club Read)


  1. You are one lucky lady, Bonnie! Congrats : ) How great is it to be picked for the bookshelves. Can't wait to see a pic of what you get. Happy Anniversary a little early!

    Had to laugh about your son not ready to have his pic on your blog. My son wouldn't have been either.

    Enjoy your books this week. I liked Laurie's book. Maggie (of the Southern Reading Challenge) blogged about your book club read a while ago.

  2. I can't wait to see what that bookshelf looks like. It looks wonderful from the pictures.

    I hope you do a review of Ella Minnow Pea, since you'll be getting it done before I do!

  3. That's a lovely bookmark!
    I hope Ella Minnow Pea is as good as it looks. :-)

  4. Love the bookmark. Been seeing a lot of Jane Austen themed books around lately. Maybe it's a sign that I finally need to read something by her? Nah. ;)

  5. Congratulations on the bookshelf! Last week I was reading on J.Kaye's site that there had been book blogger backlash towards one fellow blogger for their luck at being selected. I pray this doesn't happen to you!

    We all benefit from others good fortune. Companies other than publishers and authors are starting to see value in our network.

    Happy to see your son had a great experience :)

  6. You've got a great blog and I'm glad I stopped by. I saw your comment on Marie's blog:) I also read some of your reviews. Really good! I'll be visiting for sure again- take care,

  7. I love the book marker and the packaging is a sweet bonus. Congrats to you Bonnie.

  8. That bookmark is way cool.

    I'm glad your son enjoyed his workshop experience. I think theatre arts is a great thing for a kid to be involved in. My son has been doing it for years and it has been great for building self esteem and public speaking skills.

  9. Love the bookmark Bonnie! It's very nice. I have one kind of like that that I received from a good friend. I love it especially for hardcover books.

  10. I can't wait to see your review of the new bookshelves!

  11. I have a bracelet with those same kind of antique typewriter keys. It never fails to get attention. And my girls are ALL involved in theater (one is an acting major in college, in fact) so I always like to see other kids get involved, too. I also like the sound of that "success" book you mentioned, probably because I'm currently immersed in a book about getting people out of any ruts that might be holding them back, YOU UNSTUCK by Libby Gill. The author has a personal story of overcoming a negative family legacy of alcoholism, mental illness and suicide (yikes!), and that, I think, gives her credibility and compassion, in terms of being able to overcome a lot. Couple that with her background as a professional coach, plus her gift for making complex concepts simple, and you have a book that's very practical -- and I assure you that that's what I'm looking for, in terms of getting my career a boost -- and profound.

  12. Congratulations on the great wins!

  13. I'm SO GLAD you LOVED your book mark!! She does make some really nice things and She's super talented. There's a fifty dollar ($50.00) random giveaway to her shop this month on my blog...I have a new look and a new button!

    xoxo Amy (park-avenue princess)

  14. This is the beginning of 18 posts I'm catching up on! YIKES! :)

    The workshop for your son at the local theater sounds fabulous. Congrats to him! Too bad you weren't able to get more pics, but I do understand his leeriness to post any.


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