Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's Talk about Blogging!

Let's Talk Blogging! This is a question of the day for BBAW that My Friend Amy is hosting.

She asked: We've been doing a great job talking about books, but what about blogging? It's half of what we do. What better way to show our appreciation than to share our very best tips. So, today, I ask you to answer two questions in any way you please...

  • What is one thing you wish you knew about blogging when you started or what advice would you give a newbie blogger?

Since I just started Blogging a few months ago I would suggest finding a mentor or friend with a blog that you can ask questions and advice on setting up your blog. I've had several friends whom I've been able to ask questions and that has been a big help. Also, just follow your own creativity and instincts and make your blog your own. Don't feel pressured by what others are doing, you can learn what you like and always change and redecorate your blog with new templates and logos as you go along and learn more.

  • What is your best blogging tip?

Blog often, comment on other blogs to get to know others and in turn they will spread the word about your blog. Since I just started my blog, I've found book bloggers to be the nicest people and they are supportive of other newbie bloggers, so don't hesitate to reach out and keep on blogging!


  1. Thanks for the post I am a newbie.
    I stared in June. So it would be great to hear what the old pro's have to say. I still have a lot to learn. The book blog community has been wonderful helping me to get the tech help, also giving me ideas. But, sometimes I just don't have the time to do the muses. I am not sure what my book blog is. It started for my book club, then I wanted to add some reviews, the book news, and book resources. So here I am. So thanks for thinking of us newbies.
    Would you add me to your blog roll?
    I love your blog by the way. Come and visit me sometime. I have 2 blogs.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment! I've checked out your blog and it's great!! I've added it to my blog list and google reader and posted a few comments on your blog.

  3. thats great advice about finding a friend or mentor to help out
    nice blog!

  4. You're doing a great job with your blog, Bonnie. I really enjoy your reviews.

  5. You're doing an awesome job Bonnie-you know I love your blog and reviews, not to mention friendship.

  6. Thanks for the kind words. I've added you to my Google Reader.

  7. Thanks Bermuda, I'ved added you to my blog list and google reader as well!


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