Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber novels have always been favorites for me, go to novels that are easy, comforting reads with great characters and beautiful settings in the Pacific Northwest.  The Inn at Rose Harbor is a new series with characters and stories set in a charming bed & breakfast in Cedar Cove. The owner is new to the area and recently purchased the inn after suffering a loss in her life and wanting a new start. The running of the inn helps her to heal while the guests that visit have their own issues to work through during their stays. For me, I found the story a bit similar to other novels written by the author even the setting of Cedar Cove was familiar. That may be comforting to regular readers of Macomber's novels. The novel was mainly about issues related to grief and grieving the characters were dealing with over loss or death in their lives. The ending was a bit rushed and the characters problems were resolved with unrealistic simplicity. Macomber's books are usually feel good books, this is a quick read that may pull at your heartstrings. Personally, I didn't find the kind of characters that I usually find in Macombers book. Those kind of friends that you could imagine befriending. This just didn't work for me as the plot was a bit grim and depressing, the characters didn't draw me in and it ended too simplistically for my liking.  

Here are a few reviews that you can read that share a different perspective:

*An e-galley copy of The Inn at Rose Harbo was kindly provided for me to review through NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group


  1. This is the only Macomber book I have and I've been looking forward to it since so many people love her work. Now I'm thinking I should start with another one of her books.

    1. Kathy-Many like this one, you may feel different as it's your first Macomber book. Check out the other reviews, you may like it.

  2. I have liked her other books but have so many to get through before I can even think about reading this one. Maybe she's getting burned out???

  3. I've never read her books before but once in a while I do enjoy comfort type reads like what you described. I'm sorry this one didn't turn out that way for you though. It certainly doesn't look like a grim read from the cover.

  4. I love her Blossom Street series, this one not as much but I did still enjoy it. You're right it was a little depressing but it pulled at my heart strings. Loved it when little Rover chose Jo Marie. I'm hoping the series will lighten as it evolves


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