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Review: The Girl Who Chased The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

In The Girl Who Chased The Moon, Sarah Addison Allen welcomes readers to Mullaby, North Carolina  a small southern town full of quirky characters and sweetness, as well as a bit of magic thrown in. Emily comes to town after her mothers unexpected death, to live with her grandfather whom she has never met. Emily's mother Dulcie has never shared her past with her and Emily wants to find out why.  She arrives to meet her wonderfully sweet grandfather who is also a reclusive gentle giant. Emily finds out immediately that there is mystery surrounding her. The bedroom where she is to stay was her mothers and has wallpaper that mysteriously changes with her moods. There are also the mysterious Mullaby lights that dance around in the yard when the moonlight is out.

Emily is befriended by Julia who bakes deliciously sweet cakes and in so doing hopes to use the sweet magic to draw a part of her past to her. Emily also meets Win, a handsome boy that has a secret that he just may share with her that may change the future of both of their lives.

The Girl Who Chased The Moon is a book that is pure southern comfort, mystical and magical and full of sweetness at it's core. The story was wonderful, the characters endearing and the plot was full of southern charm.
I have to tell you that you just may crave cake as you read it. The sugar spun sweetness of the story will definitely stir your senses and draw you in. I enjoyed every page of this book and I hated to see it end.  I am a huge fan of Sarah Addison Allen's work and loved her first two books Garden Spells  (read my review here)and The Sugar Queen (read my review here). Now, Ms. Addison Allen's fans must patiently wait for her next novel and I was thrilled to see on her website that the next book will be  "...a novel of superstition, romance and, interestingly enough, peaches". It will be released in 2011.

There are some fun things to check out on Sarah Addison Allen's website.  There is a cool virtual tour of the town of Mullaby, click here. There are also extra goodies such as an excerpt, tidbits, cake recipes and more, check it all out here.

 ~About the Author: Sarah Addison Allen~

Sarah Addison Allen is the New York Times bestselling author of Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen. She was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, where she is currently at work on her next novel. You can visit Sarah Addison Allen’s website at

Disclosure: Thanks to Pump Up Your Book Promotion and the Publisher for providing me an advanced reading copy of this book for review. I am an Amazon Associate.


  1. Bonnie,
    At first I wasn't going to read your review because I just got this one from the library, but then I'm like no just read it (I'm curious) Can I just say THANK YOU!!! You told me enough, enough to make me want to move this one to the top of my pile. I love your reviews...not too long, don't give away too much, just the right amount of info! I feel like Goldilocks!!!!

  2. Bonnie, nice review. I really enjoyed this as well.

  3. Thanks for hosting Sarah today. So many reviewers have loved this book. I was turning people away from this tour for weeks because it was so full.

    I'm glad you enjoyed Sarah's latest. Thanks for posting information about her website too.


    Pump Up Your Book

  4. Bonnie, nice review. I am patiently awaiting delivery of my copy - I ordered it in Aug. Sara Addison is definitely my favorite author right now and can't wait to read this book.

  5. I love books set in the South, so I really want to read this one. I didn't realize the author lives so close to me - maybe she'll come over this way for a book event.

  6. I believe in comfort food and I believe in comfort reading and this one falls into that category. Sometimes you just want to read just to feel good while doing it.

  7. You sold me with "pure Southern comfort." ;) And that cover is gorgeous!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  8. This book was great. Exactly what I've come to expect from Sarah Addison Allen. Beautiful cover too. I'm glad you enjoyed it as well.

  9. Oh I loved the Sugar Queen! I didn't know there was a new one out! Thank for a great review Boonie- I've added it to my holds list!

  10. My favorite part of this book was Julia's story. I did figure out that I just might not like magic in my stories. I had some problems with those parts.

  11. Glad u had a chance to read this one. I liked it, but Garden Spells was still my favorite by this author.

  12. I've only read Garden Spells but fell in love. Can't wait to read the next two :)


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