Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Salon: O Magazine's 10 New Books for February & Redlady's Reading Room in the Kindle Store

Oprah's Book Club announced that O Magazine's book editors have picked
10 New Books to Fall in Love with this February. I haven't loved all of the Oprah Book Club selections and I know many that have mixed feelings or dislike Oprah and her book recommendations. I have found many to be very good and make for great discussions. I liked this list of books and felt it was a nice selection to highlight.

A few books that caught my eye were:

Wench: A NovelDevotion: A MemoirBrava, Valentine: A NovelThe Postmistress
(click on the images for more details)

Do you have a Kindle?

A wonderful friend of mine who follows my blog asked if I would add my blog to the Amazon Kindle Store as she wanted to be able to read my blog on her Kindle (Thanks Michele). I didn't even know that you could read blogs on your Kindle and thought it was a great idea and decided to go for it. I added my blog to the Kindle Store and it was so cool to see it listed there. You can see *Redlady's Reading Room (Kindle Edition) here if you are interested in subscribing or just checking it out. I now have 2 subscribers, thanks to Michele and Jan!!

Currently Reading:

The Crimson Rooms

The Crimson Rooms by Katharine McMahon...It's very good and has pulled me in already. I'll be posting a review soon as part of the Mothertalk Blog Tour.
Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games)

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, The Second Book of The Hunger Games Series. I just read The Hunger Games and can't wait to start reading this book!

*Disclosure: I must disclose that I will be paid a small percentage of the subscription price and maybe someday I can buy my own Kindle. I am an Amazon Associate.


  1. I haven't loved all of Oprah's books either, but I think she does a great job of calling attention to books that we might have missed ordinarily. The ones you highlighted look great!

    I remember when amazon said you could list your blog for Kindle. I thought about doing it but figured no one would pay to read mine. I'm very impressed that you have 2 subscribers already!!

  2. I have a copy of Wench and am really interested in reading The Postmistress - even if they are O suggestions. LOL! :)

    I had no idea that you can add your blog as a Kindle subscription. Interesting.

  3. I am glad we can still read your blog on our ordinary computer screens :D

  4. I have enjoyed most of Oprah's books, and it's always interesting to see her choices. I didn't realize it was possible to read blogs on the kindle--cool!

  5. I heard Wench and Postmistress were very good so I'll have to give them a try.

    I did not know about the Blog feature for Kindles; I'll check it out; thanks

  6. I have instructions somewhere in an email about adding my blog to the Kindle Store. Did you find it easy to set up?

    I don't know that anyone would really want to read mine (I don't have many followers or email subscribers) but it would still be cool to say that it was available in that format :-)

    As for Oprah suggestions - some I've really enjoyed and others have been a real struggle to get through.

  7. I've got a couple of those Oprah selections to read on my shelf. Enjoy your Sunday!

  8. I hadn't seen the Oprah list, so thanks for sharing. She may not always choose great books, but I think it's nice that she promotes books - not many talk show hosts do that. (I have to admit I haven't read many of the Oprah book club books.)

    Oh, and I'm totally curious to know just how erotic the book of poems by e.e. Cummings is. :)

  9. I have not really been a big fan of pretty much any of Her Oprah-ness's choices for her bookclub, but I do admire her being a huge vocal proponent for reading in general.
    I will read Adriana Trigiani, since I am already a big fan.

  10. I've liked quite a few of Oprah's choices and I'll have to check this one out for sure. That is very COOL about reading blogs on the kindle!!!

  11. I had no idea that we could add our blogs to the Kindle store. I just filled out the form. We'll see what comes it it. Sort of neat, huh? You look so official listed there ;)

  12. I think I got turned off by Oprah's selections years ago because all of the books were sooooo depressing. But I think they aren't as bad any more and now that I'm in a book club, I can see where most of them make great books to discuss.


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