Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Salon: Sunny Fall Sunday 10/25

It's a gorgeous sunny fall day in Ohio. I didn't take the picture above but it was taken in my area. Isn't it beautiful with the fall leaves changing and bright colors? That is what it looks like here. I was under the weather again with the stomach flu and that was why my blog was very quiet this week. I even missed a professional conference (that I had prepaid months ago) as I was so sick. That was really a bummer as I wanted to attend and had our schedules all arranged with my son and hubby. I've attended many conferences over the years and have never had to miss one due to illness. I did manage to finish reading several books as I was "resting" and that was the highlight of my week! My son Andrew was sweet and made me a homemade of those that you treasure when they're older.
I finished reading:
The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry (I missed the live Book Club Girl discussion with the author): The ending was a stunner and I'm looking forward to listening to what the author has to say and I will be writing my review this week.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days by Jeff Kinney : My son read it before me and devoured it. He's already re-reading the series again. Can you tell he's a fan?! Me, I'm getting tired of the series but am glad that he enjoys the books. We were just at Wallyworld this evening and noticed that this book was sold out! We'll be posting a review this week, hopefully!

The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest by Stiegg Larson: My wonderful friend Ginny from our online book discussion group passed this book on to me...wasn't that nice?! We both loved the series and she was kind enough to send it to me and I'm passing it along to another friend in the discussion group. This book was action packed as well and dense with information. It definitely answers a lot of questions about the main character Salander. I need to write up my review this week as well. At Amazon, this book is not available until May 2010. You can buy it now at The Book Depository in the UK and they ship worldwide free.
I started reading:
Sunflowers: A novel of Van Gogh by Sheramy Bundrick. There is an online discussion with the author through Book Club Girl on November 2nd at 7pm EST.
My Off the Bookshelf Giveaway of 4 different books ends October 31st. Check out the details and enter here.
I have several more giveaways in the works and will be posting those soon so stay tuned!


  1. Wimpy Kid...the fourth in the series has now been published. Will you press on?

  2. Sorry to hear you've been so sick. Hope you're feeling better and that you got some time to spend out in the beautiful fall! It's one of the great benefits of living in the midwest, isn't it?

  3. So sorry you've been under the weather. That totally stinks. The leaves are starting to change here too.

  4. Lovely photo. Bummer about being sick. It's always bad when you have to miss something you're looking forward to. I've wanted to read The Lace Reader. I'm looking forward to your review!

  5. I'm so sorry you fell ill. Being sick is not fun at all!

    I finished Girl Who Played with Fire last Thursday. I didn't like it as much as the first book and actually had a few (are you kidding me) moments. I hope to write my review tonight but read-a-thon burn-out has caused me to be lazy.

  6. I so want to read The Lace Reader. I just got the Scholastic Book Fair and thought the Wimpy Kid book would fly off the shelf but so far it hasn't. But that doesn't stop them from asking if I have it on the shelves yet!!

    Hope you are on your way to getting better!!! :)

  7. I think I'm going to read The Lace Reader next. Everybody seems to really like it, so I'm looking forward to it even more than before. And, I'm going to start The Girl Who ... series soon. I can't believe it's already up to 3 books!

  8. Sorry you weren't feeling well

    I too have seen The Lace Reader and wondered about it. Look forward to your review.

  9. That's a beautiful picture of your area. The Autumn colors are wonderful! I'm sorry to hear you haven't been felling well. I hope you're much bwetter now. It is such an intrusion, so disruptive, geting sick. It's disappointing that you missed the conference you planned for - I hope there will be a similar onwe soon.
    I haven't read any of Larsen's books yet but I really want to. Glad you enjoyed this one.
    I hope to read Sunflower soon, I am captivated by this book! I hope you like it!

  10. HA! I just realized that I mistook The Lace Reader for The Lace Maker of Glenmara. I am reading the latter now. :)

  11. So sorry you have been under the weather Bonnie. The photo is stunning. Glad you got some reading in. wow.. a special card from Andrew.. just what the doctor ordered.


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