Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: Transforming Family

I had the opportunity to receive a life coaching lesson via telephone with a wonderful Family Life Coach, Tracy from Transforming Family. Life coaching is a way that you can talk with someone about challenges and struggles that you would like to discuss and brainstorm ways to improve and resolve. It's not therapy, but more of a guidance process to empower you to find answers that are right for you. Tracy describes on her website:

"Coaching is a co-creative relationship.... it is to provide support, truthful dialogue, and new perspectives all designed to empower you to make the desired shifts in your life. You will connect with your true self and achieve the goals you desire to live your new transformed life."

As a Life coach, Tracy is trained and certified and follows the International Coaching Federation guidelines.

I had my lesson yesterday, and spoke with Tracy by phone. For me, talking with Tracy was like talking to a friend that was not judgemental and who listened with an open mind. She was very easy to talk with and I felt comfortable very quickly with her kind and calm approach. Tracy is a mom as well and she has a background in Early Childhood Education which enhances her understanding of children and family life. I have some challenges with my 10 year old son that I discussed with Tracy. It is a situation that has had me frustrated as I have tried several approaches and have not had success with. Tracy has her own personal philosophies that she shares as tools she has found successful in her family. I asked her about these philosophies and was able to take away several ideas that I found may work for me and my situation within our family. Some of Tracy's philosophies are different than my own and she is not pushy or forceful about them if you are not interested in these ideas. I did find myself opening up to new ideas and a different approach of switching away a bit from my own need to control a situation and allow my son to have some of his own control and choices. I found myself taking a different and calmer approach with my son yesterday and today and it was more effective. It's definitely a trial and error process that will take time and patience. I'm so glad that I had this opportunity to talk with Tracy. I feel that after our life coaching lesson that I have a few more tools to try and resources that I can explore.

I asked Tracy to share some of her favorite books that she would recommend.

These are a list of Tracy's top 5 books:

In addition this is a link that has just about every book and a summary of the books that are related to Tracy's philosophy : Consensual-Living


Tracy is offering FREE 30 minute coaching sessions to experience what coaching will be like. I encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and experience this for yourself. Don't be afraid to try it, Tracy is NOT pushy and it is a FREE sample session. For your FREE session, go directly to Transforming Family at this LINK.
For more information about Tracy or life coaching please visit:

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  1. That's pretty interesting. I've heard of life coaches before but really just thought it was for the rich and famous. I'm glad that you were able to take some ideas and implement them into your life with your son. Thanks for the links and the information!!


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