Monday, December 22, 2008

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. We share what books that we found in our mailboxes last week. I haven't had a chance to post my Mailbox for a few weeks so I will post some of the books that I have received most recently. It's been like Christmas here with books coming in the mail this month. My wonderful husband swears I get a book a day delivered but that's exaggerating just a wee bit!! I tend to get more reading in during the winter and look forward to catching up on my books.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford (I actually received 2 copies of this book. One from Library Thing Early Reviewer's and the other must have come directly from the publisher Random House.

Curse of the Bone Pirates by B. T. Hope (from FRN )

The Rest of Her Life by Laura Moriarty (I got this too late to read for the Author Discussion from Book Club Girl )

The Help by Kathryn Stockett (Penguin Books)

Mistress Shakespeare by Karen Harper (Penguin Books)

The Rose of Sebastopol by Katharine McMahon (Penguin Books)

The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg (From Hachette Books)

Confetti Cakes for Kids by Elisa Strauss (From Hachette Books)

*I should also add that my Secret Santa from the Book Bloggers Christmas Swap sent me an gift card and I am going to have lots of fun shopping for books.

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  1. You got some good ones! I really liked The Rest of Her Life. That book had me at page one, although I have heard mixed things about it from different readers, I found it to be very complex and rich.

  2. It looks like your hubby might be right. I really liked The Rest of Her Life, too. I can't wait to read Hotel and The Help. Happy reading.

  3. Ohhhh - lucky you - I chatted with the author of Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, and I was supposed to get a copy of the book, but it hasn't arrived. When I checked back, he said they ran out of review copies and that I should get the hardback edition, but I haven't seen it yet. It is supposed to be based here in Seattle. Here's my Mailbox!

    :) Wendi (Happy Holidays!!)

  4. Ooh, and extra copy of Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet... If you have a giveaway for this one I will so be here! :) I requested this as an ARC but I don't think I got my request in soon enough because it never came. Great variety of books there! Happy reading.

  5. I would be in 7th heaven if every time I went to the mailbox there was a book waiting for me!! What bliss!!

  6. your mailbox has been busy. I'm glad you got a ton of books and a GC from Amazon...that will be fun to spend.

    that pirate book looks interesting.

  7. What a nice stack of books! :)


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