Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review: A Year at 32 September Way by Mary Ylisela

A Year at 32 September Way is a gem of a book that I found when the author , Mary Ylisela was promoting it for free on Amazon (Kindle Edition). I must say that this was the best free kindle book that I've ever ordered. The cover art and the setting in Italy grabbed my eye right away. This is the story of five different people from all over the world that moved to Italy for a year and they all stay in the same apartment building. Their Italian landlord, who owns the building plays a major part in the novel as well. They each have their own reasons for wanting to live in Italy.  As time goes on during the year, each one changes and finds a new chapter in life as they explore life in Italy. Some things are positive and some are life changing events. Among these experiences, friendships and romance bloom and truths are told and revealed. The charm of the city of Verona is revealed through the characters experiences. I wanted to be there in a cafe having a cappuccino watching the people and soaking in the cultural experience. I found the story engaging and the characters were well developed with their individual stories woven together well. When I finished the book I was longing for a sequel and am thrilled that the author has just published a sequel, Another Year at 32 September Way available in paperback or Kindle edition. 


  1. Yup, one of the better freebies! :-)

  2. I'm such a loser..haven't read it yet, but it sounds like I will enjoy it!!


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