Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review: The Good House by Ann Leary (Audio Book)

Description  of The Good House:
Hildy Good is a townie. A lifelong resident of an historic community on the rocky coast of Boston’s North Shore, she knows pretty much everything about everyone. Hildy is a descendant of one of the witches hung in nearby Salem, and is believed, by some, to have inherited psychic gifts. Not true, of course; she’s just good at reading people. Hildy is good at lots of things.  A successful real-estate broker, mother and grandmother, her days are full. But her nights have become lonely ever since her daughters, convinced their mother was drinking too much, staged an intervention and sent her off to rehab.  Now she’s in recovery—more or less.

The Good House is one of the best audio books that I've listened to in a long time! It kept me company on my drive to and from work and I looked forward to listening to it everyday. I loved Hildy, her quirkiness, her humor and spunk kept things interesting! She was a one of a kind, compassionate woman, but yet spoke her mind and got herself into heaps of trouble. This is a fabulous story of a New England town, the characters and differences between the townies and the newbies. You will be pulled into the twists and turns of the story as the plot thickens. Mary Beth Hurt was the perfect narrator for Hildy Good, she made the character become real with perfect tone, pitch and sarcastic bite at every turn. Make sure to listen to an excerpt below of Mary Beth Hurt narrating the audio book. The Good House will most definitely be on my list of favorites for 2013. 

Narrator: Mary Beth Hurt

Length: 10 hours 12 minutes

Source: Library

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  1. I really liked this audiobook too but it did take me a little while to grow to like Mary Beth Hurt's narration.

  2. This one keeps popping onto my radar but now that you've raved about the audio, I'm going to hold out for finding an audio book.

  3. I just started this on Friday and laughed out loud more than once at Hildie!! Mary Beth's voice is PERFECTION!

  4. I'm looking forward to this one. I don't have it in any form, but hope to listen to the audiobook.

  5. I adored the narrator - thought she was absolutely perfect. One of my favorites of 2013 as well.

  6. I listen to books on the way to and from work too so I am taking note of this one.


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