Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review: It's a Book by Lane Smith

It's a Book by Lane Smith is a picture book geared toward young children but in my opinion it is more of an adult picture book. The premise is a cute one where a monkey is enjoying a book and his friend donkey who is quite tech savvy believes the book must have some digital advantages. He asks him a series of questions that are funny as he thinks the book must be like a computer or a cell phone. Although this book is presented in picture book format, I think that it's geared more towards adult humor. The publisher lists the grade range as 1st and up and the age range as 6 and up. I don't want to spoil the book but the final punch line may not be something that you want a 6 year old to hear. My son who is 11 read this and he was surprised at the ending as well.  Since it's a picture book he was surprised that this word was used and questioned if it was appropriate for younger kids. Of course, he thought it was funny but it may not be appropriate for all kids to hear as they may not have the maturity for the implication. I believe that as a parent, you should read the book yourself and then decide if you want your child to read it. It's easy enough to change the final word if reading the book aloud, as it is still funny for young children.

Overall, this book has great illustrations and it is a cute story. There is a great message about the value of a book vs. digital formats. I just think it's more geared toward the mature child, over 10-12 years old and adults.

Here's a cute trailer for the doesn't tell you the end:)

Disclosure: Thanks to the publisher Roaring Book Press for sending me a copy of the book for review. I am an amazon and indiebound associate.


  1. Everyone seems to love this book! I need to get hold of a copy of it.

  2. Blogger is acting up!! Hope I don't repeat myself..sorry if I do. Anyway, I've been mooning over these drawings online all week and want to see this up close and personal!

  3. I think I will be getting this for Lady K. Thanks for the cranium's up and the review.

  4. Lane Smith books have always been popular in my house and there's always something of an edge to them. But it is surprising that he would choose to use a word that is so clearly out of sync with the age range the rest of the book's written for.

  5. I understand this was written as a picture book, and I saw the recommended age range. But, I have to say that it really captures adult humor, and all of the adults I've shared it with have loved it. My sister took my copy to work, and shared it there.

    In my opinion, it's a picture book for adults. We have the sense of humor to appreciate it.

    Lesa -

  6. Hi. Found you indirectly through the blog hop and have enjoyed looking around your lovely blog.


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