Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Fall!!

I can't believe that yesterday was the first day of Fall and the start of the Autumn season. I enjoy this time of year when the leaves change and the burst of colors are beautiful. I like to cook more in the fall so I hope to try some new recipes.  I will share some of them here as many of you have commented that they like it when I share recipes. I have a few new cookbooks that I will also be reviewing in the next few months. I haven't been blogging as much as I started working part time and my free time is more limited. It's been an adjustment and I miss being able to keep up with reading and blogging. I hope to get back to regular posting and reviewing soon and visiting your blogs. Thanks for your patience and for those who continue to stop by and comment and email me.


  1. Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons. I love the smell of fall, damp leaves after they've fallen and had a good rain. And I love the scent of spring flowers after a rain. Or seeing the daffodils and scilla and all the other bulbs peeking through the snow.

  2. We'll take you whenever we can get you Bonnie!! I love fall too except that means that winter is around the corner!!

  3. New recipes? Yes, please! I love to cook in the fall and winter. Last winter I spent one Sunday makes five different kinds of soups, three new to me and all delicious. Can't wait to start having soup again--up this week, baked potato soup!


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