Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review: Lighthouse Bay by Kimberley Freeman

Lighthouse Bay  tells the story of two women, Isabella Winterbourne and Libby Slater, two women who lived a century apart but are linked together through a mysterious connection to Lighthouse Bay on the coast of Australia. A ship sinks in 1901 and the sole survivor is Isabelle who escapes from the ship and her unhappy life along with a treasured and priceless gift. This gift is the key that could destroy or change her life forever in a positive way. She finds her way to Lighthouse Bay where mystery and romance align and Isabella finds herself and true love, but she must make choices that will hurt her or save her. 

One hundred plus years later, Libby Slater leaves her life in Paris to return to her hometown of Lighthouse Bay. Her lover has left her this cottage and she has not wanted to return due to a tragic event that occurred 20 years ago that destroyed her relationship with her sister Juliet. 

The book weaves together these two love stories, so many years apart in a beautiful way. There is mystery, intrigue, and magic as to how these two women are connected through Lighthouse Bay. The story is about these two strong women who must learn to let go of the past to move towards the future. I enjoyed reading about the beauty of the lighthouse and the coast of Australia.  Kimberley Freeman is a talented writer that weaves a story together of past and present and pulls you into the story wholeheartedly. Lighthouse Bay is a wonderful read and one I highly recommend. 

I am very fond of Kimberley Freeman's writing and enjoyed her first book Wildflower Hill which I highly recommend as well. You can read my review of Wildflower Hill, HERE

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Thanks to the publisher, Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy of this book for review. 

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  1. It sounds like I need to try one of her books!

  2. This sounds like one for me. Enjoyed your review!

  3. Fabulous review! Makes me really want to read it.


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