Sunday, May 5, 2013

Catching Up On A Sunday~Sunday Salon

Spring is here and I do love to see the flowers blooming although spring allergies are also in full bloom! I've had some shoulder issues and finally gave in and started Occupational Therapy with a top notch therapist. I have a rotator cuff issue and bursitis and don't want it to get worse. The pain has been tough and I have to watch my posture, especially on the computer. We all have to watch ourselves these days with posture changes due to our electronics use on the computer, tablets, phones and video games. It's funny being on the other side as a patient as an OT myself. With the profession, there are many areas to specialize in and this OT is an Upper Extremity/Hand therapist and I work in pediatrics. I've also worked in adult rehab and other's the kind of profession that you don't have to change careers, you can just change specialty areas. US News just listed OT in the top 10 Best Healthcare Jobs. What is great for me is that I can work part time, school hours and schedule. It's one profession where there are many full time jobs so it's getting harder to get into the program and there is more competition and waiting lists. 

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  1. I hope you get good results from your therapy.

  2. My niece is in OT and she loves the flexibility she has with her job. With the ways our lives have changed there certainly is a greater need for OT but I'm sorry you had to be on the receiving end!

  3. I've had some arm issues myself. The hand injury that I sustained last July after staining my concrete never healed. The numbness turned to pain though so the doctors think it's coming back..yes! After a year! Maybe... maybe not but in the mean time, I have to sleep in a brace to keep it straight and it's causing me all sort of pain. Not fun.

    Hope you do well with the therapy. They won't send me for any yet they send me for all sorts of other stuff.


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