Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review: Paula Deen's Savannah Style by Paula Deen and Brandon Branch

About Paula Deen's Savannah Style:

In this gorgeous, richly illustrated book, Paula Deen shares a full year of Southern living. Whether it’s time to put out your best china and make a real fuss, or you’re just gathering for some sweet tea on the porch at dusk, Savannah style is about making folks feel welcome in your home. With the help of decorator and stylist Brandon Branch, you’ll learn how to bring a bit of Southern charm into homes from Minnesota to Mississippi. For each season, there are tips on decorating and entertaining. In the spring, you’ll learn how to make the most of your outdoor spaces, spruce up your porch, and make your garden inviting. In the summer, things get more casual with a dock party. Sleeping spaces, including, of course, the sleeping porch, are the focal point of this chapter. In the fall, cooler weather brings a return to more formal entertaining in the dining room, and in the winter, attention returns to the hearth, as Paula and her neighbors put out their best silver and show you how they celebrate the holidays.

My Thoughts:

I'm thrilled to be hosting a book tour stop for Paula Deen's newest book, Savannah Style. Paula Deen is a positive example of Southern living and I love her spunk, humor and positive outlook on life. I'm a Northerner and I enjoy the slow and gentle calmness that the southern lifestyle represents.

Savannah Style is beautifully illustrated from cover to cover, inside and out. It is filled with rich and vibrant photos that depict a full year of Southern living in the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. Paula and  Brandon Branch, her decorator and stylist, share how to bring Southern charm and specifically Savannah Style into any home. There are tips on decorating and entertaining based on the four seasons and the focus is on making yourself and others feel comfortable and welcome into your home. There are photographs from Paula's homes as well as other homes throughout Savannah.

In the Spring, my favorite sections were learning about porches, courtyard gardens, the beauty of wrought iron and wicker in Savannah. In the summer, my favorite sections were about eat in kitchens, sleeping porches, Tybee Color and especially Family Memories. Paula has a "memory table" where she displays favorite family photos in a variety of frames. In Autumn, I enjoyed the sections on Comfort rooms where Paula emphasized making a living room one that is comfortable, filled with favorite items and for "livin!'". I loved the section on Book Nooks and ways to display and share collections of books. In Winter, I enjoyed reading about Flea Market treasures and appreciating that  something old and weathered is just as special as something new.

I am a Northerner, I am decorating challenged and I have never visited the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. I found Savannah Style to be a fabulous way to convey the beauty of the Southern Style of Savannah. I appreciated that Paula shared the more formal aspects as well as the comfortable styles and even ways to save money decorating. It has challenged me to find my own style and express that in my home beyond the off white walls that the builder painted when we built our home. My husband and I have some projects and ideas ahead of us and this book helped me get an idea of ways to express our own style.

This is a beautiful book to read by Seasons or by the sections within the seasons. It can be read leisurely or even in one sitting, add a pitcher of sweet tea by your side and that would be a nice treat! It would also make a wonderful gift for anyone who is a fan of Paula Deen, Savannah, the South and/or  decorating.

Check out this video of Paula talking about Savannah Style and decorating:

About Paula Deen:

She is the quintessential American success story, a best-selling author and a television show host, a tastemaker to the stars and to the everyday housewife and family. She is Paula Deen, a down-home, strong willed mom who overcame personal tragedy, long odds, financial and physical challenges to carve one of the most effective and wide ranging entertainment brands that exists today. A brand that is idyllic, inspiring, fun and very much American.

Visit Paula's website, HERE.

Paula Deen is virtually touring the blogosphere during the month of July on her virtual Book Tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion. You can visit Paula's other blog stops and find out more information about this delightful and fun book and talented author, HERE.

Disclosure: A copy of this book was sent by the publisher as part of a Pump Up Your Book Promotion Tour. I am an Amazon and Indiebound associate.


  1. Sounds like a lovely book, Bonnie.

  2. You definitely need to go to Savannah now - it's a fabulous city!

  3. I love Savannah!! It is a beautiful Southern city.

  4. My mom and I agree on very few things, but the love of Paula Deen is one of those. We both adore her strength, sense of humor, laughter, her zest for life. I cannot wait to read this book!! And I so want to visit her restaurant one day.

  5. I was born and raised in Ga and let me tell ya Savannah is everything and more than what Paula describes it as--I love it even as aa kid I loved going there with my family on vacations either there or Stone Mountain (Savannah is #1 tho)

  6. I am so bummed that I missed the tour for this one. It looks gorgeous.


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