Saturday, January 3, 2009

Curse Of The Bone Pirates:Nui Island Eco-Logical Adventures

Curse Of The Bone Pirates:Nui Island Eco-Logical Adventures
by B.T. Hope

Description:An evil force is destroying the natural wonders of Nui Island, and it’s up to three new friends to solve the mystery. When Big B is dragged from his comfortable life and close friends in Chicago by his grandfather’s mysterious affliction, he’s sure he’s going to have the worst summer ever. But soon after arriving in the tropical paradise of Nui Island, he is caught in a web of danger and intrigue. The Maemae reef is dying, his grandfather’s brilliant mind has been infected and creepy Island legends are coming to life. Big B and his new friends, Sam and Nalu, rely on wit, courage and strength to unravel Nui’s ancient mysteries. What they uncover will help them save the Island, restore his grandfather’s soul, and break the curse of the Bone Pirates. With a captivating plot, fascinating characters and an important ecological message, Curse of the Bone Pirates: Nui Island Eco-Logical Adventures will haunt and delight young readers.

This children's book takes an adventure story and turns it into a learning experience. It teaches them about the threats to our environment and encourages them to take action at home, at school and in their neighborhoods. Curse of the Bone Pirates: Nui Island Eco-Logical Adventures is set in the South Pacific Ocean on exotic, fictional Nui Island. The story focuses on three friends who face challenges and solve mysteries in an adventure to save Nui Island.

Here is some interesting information about Nui , the company and Publisher of this book:

Nui, is a healthy kids lifestyle brand that donates 50 percent of its beverage profits to children's health and environmental charities. The mission of the book is the same as the company's: to encourage kids to improve their physical, social and environmental health. Their hope is that by telling these adventure stories, in a manner that kids can relate to, kids will gain a better understanding of these issues.

The Nui website states "From the sale of each copy of Curse of the Bone Pirates, Nui donates $1 to support Healthy Child Healthy World and Surfers for Cetaceans."

The Nui website also has some fun features for kids such as Fun Facts, Games, Downloads, Coloring Book and you can register to win free gifts.

Thanks to Family Review Network and Nui for sending this book.


  1. I like how the company is trying to do something positive for the earth and to make reading not only fun but informative too!!

  2. The Nui Island website looks like fun!

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  3. This looks really good and sounds fun!

  4. This sounds like a book my daughter would like. Is it a chapter book; what age range would you suggest it to?


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