Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mailbox Monday- November 29

~Mailbox Monday~
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We share what books that we found 
in our mailboxes last week.

I've been selective about the books that I'm accepting to review as I have so many books to read waiting on my bookshelves. I do have a list of books on my wishlist at Paperbackswap and this is one that I added after reading some blog reviews earlier this year.

The Cupcake Queen

The Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler (From Paperbackswap)


  1. Isn't that cover cute!! I have a copy of this one at school to put out on the shelves. I may have to read it before I do!! :)

    Happy Reading!

  2. I haven't heard of this one. I love the cover!

  3. I'm drawn to that book by its cover. I hope it's a good one!

  4. Oh, what a delectable cover! Hope you enjoy the book....

    Here's my Monday:

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  5. I hope the book is as good as the cover, Bonnie :-)

  6. Ooh, that looks like a good one! Makes me hungry just looking at the cover. I guess I should have eaten breakfast before hitting the computer. Enjoy your week and happy reading with your new book.

  7. This looks like a great read! Congrats on finding that one in your mailbox this week! LOL. You can fund my mailbox here:

  8. I received for review Season of Seduction by Jennifer Haymore from The Book Tree.

    Although the widowed Lady Rebecca has sworn off marriage, men are another matter. London's cold winter nights have her dreaming of warmer pursuits-like finding a lover to satisfy her hungry heart. Someone handsome, discreet, and most importantly as uninterested in marriage as she is. Someone like Jack Fulton.

    A known adventurer and playboy, Jack seems like the perfect choice. There's just one problem: Jack isn't interested in an affair. He needs the beautiful, mysterious Lady Rebecca to be his wife. And he doesn't have much time to persuade her. A secret from Jack's past is about to surface, and by Christmas Day he'll be either married to Rebecca or dead.


    I received for review A Very Simple Crime by Grant Jerkins from Berkley Trade.

    A twisting debut novel of murder and dark family secrets from a riveting new voice in crime fiction.

    A murdered woman. A grieving husband. And their son-a mentally handicapped adult with a history of violent outbursts. A very simple case. Or is it?

    Leo Hewitt, an Assistant DA once blamed for setting free a notorious child-killer, is eager to redeem himself with this intimate and grisly crime. As he digs below the surface he discovers more than he ever anticipated-including an emotionally disturbed wife, a husband who'd do anything to escape his disastrous marriage, and an accused young man with no apparent means of defense. But with each shocking new revelation, Leo is only led deeper and deeper into the darkness-an inescapable trap of blood bonds and twisted family secrets.

  9. The cover of this book looks scrumptious!

    I have posted my own Mailbox and would appreciate if you could come visit.

  10. Any book with cupcakes on the cover must be good. I hope you enjoy it!

  11. I've heard of this one. I love the cover. My mailbox is slim these days as I haven't been receiving books either. Too many to catch up on as it is.

  12. that looks so cute! great cover. makes me want a cupcake, LOL

  13. What a great-looking book! I think that this sounds like a good read, too! Enjoy!


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