Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Few Things about me.........

I am a natural curly haired redhead which is why my name here is Redlady. I am an avid reader and love to talk about books! I have loved books since the first grade when my wonderful teacher inspired in me the love of books. I started a neighborhood book club several years ago and we read a variety of books and have had some great discussions as well about them. I am married to a wonderful guy and have a spirited son (who keeps us on our toes and young at heart...or we try!!)who has major food allergies so I am frequently reading a book about food allergies and health issues. I am a member of Weight Watchers and have lost 27 lbs. in the past year. I love their philosophy "Stop dieting. Start living" which is truly the way to live a healthy life. I am interested in health and reading books about healthy eating, nutrition, organic foods etc. I have many favorite genres of books that I read...Women's fiction, Literature, Historical fiction, memoirs/journal style books, some mysteries. I also am a newbie knitter and enjoy reading fictional books about knitting. I love coffee and tea and collect tea cups. I also have a collection of cookbooks and enjoy reading foodie books as well. I am going to try and stay away from controversial subjects (such as religion, politics etc. So many people, including myself, have such strong opinions and it can turn too negative. I do reserve the right to change my mind on this as I may find something compelling to post on as I do have strong views on several issues. Please stop by often and share your comments. Please be patient as this blog is a work in progress!!


  1. Great introductory post Bonnie!

  2. Hi Bonnie, your blog is taking great shape. I noticed your LT early reviewers and that reminds me that I still haven't received my first book. It's been over 2 weeks since they notified me. I guess they did say it could take a while because the publisher sends the books. I just can't wait to receive it! It's not like I have nothing else to read, LOL.

  3. Thanks Lynne and Mary!

    I am getting the hang of this and added a few more things and trying other things.

    Mary-It can take awhile to get the early reviewer books as they do come directly from the publishers and can take awhile. I have gotten 3 books so far and one took much longer than the other 2. I was trying to get my library thing library on my blog like you have but couldn't figure out how to do it. Do you have it set up as a widget?

  4. I think it was a widget - easy to get from LT.

  5. Oh, a coffee lover like me? WELCOME to book blogging!

  6. Hi there Bonnie, I love your blog and will definitely add it to my blogroll and it's already on my Google Reader. I'll be visiting often to see what you're up to. I'm fairly new to the blogging world too so Welcome!


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